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Tourist Visas in Morocco

When you enter Morocco as a tourist, the tourist stamp In your passport is valid for 90 days.
Tourists may visit Morocco for a maximum period of six months in any twelve month period

News Update: June 2017:
A friend of ours from England recently had a flight from Marrakesh to Manchester, UK. She checked in for her flight and proceeded to Passport Control where she was promptly arrested - for overstaying her tourist visa BY ONE DAY. She was denied access to the flight, her luggage was pulled and she was taken into custody. She was given bail to reside in Agadir and to appear at court in Marrakesh at a date to be notified - which turned out to be two weeks later. She had to make the trip back to Marrakesh to attend court and... wait for it... WAS FINED 100 DIRHAMS.

This kind of event could likely exclude a tourist from applying for a Resident's Card at a future date, as all applicants are required to obtain a certificate from the Ministry of the Interior to accompany their application to show that they have not committed an offense in Morocco.

Be careful - watch your visa time remaining and be sure to exit from Morocco within the 90 day period of your visa.


The days of being able to live in Morocco like permanent residents on a tourist visa by coming in and going out every three months are over.
To stay in Morocco for longer than six months each year requires a residency permit.

"On entend par « Etranger en visite au Maroc », les personnes de nationalité étrangère ayant leur résidence habituelle à l’étranger et dont la durée de séjour au Maroc ne dépasse pas six (06) mois au cours d’une période de douze (12) mois."

Check out all of the info on the government web site (tip: hold your mouse over the Menu titled "Particuliers" and select "Etrangers en visite au Maroc". If you don't read French, copy and paste your chosen text into Google Translate and it will translate the text into your chosen language.)

We would very much like to hear from anyone who has been refused re-entry into Morocco on account of the enforcement of this ruling. Thank you.

November 14, 2013: "Morocco enacts migration reform"

1) foreign couples who have lived together in Morocco consistently for at least four years... and

2) In addition, ... foreign nationals who can prove five years' continuous residence in Morocco and other expats affected by a serious illness and on Moroccan soil prior to 31 December 2013 will also obtain legal residency rights.

If you read of any pertinent changes to tourist or residency issues for expatriates in Morocco we would very much like to hear from you. Thank you.

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