More to do than just lying on the beach

The old beach of Agadir - in the 1960's

Tourism in Agadir
by JL Farmer

This writer has witnessed the different epochs of tourism in Agadir since the 1970's.

Back then, and until 1984, tourists were overwhelmingly British. (The same was also true in Tangier.)

The two hotels: Hotel Kamal and Hotel Sud Bahia were packed out with Brits.
This was due to the fact (which is still true) that whichever holiday consolidator wins the block booking of hotel rooms determines the nationality of tourists for the next season.

1985 saw the beginning of German tourism - their consolidators paid more for rooms than the Brits. There were no holidays whatsoever in Agadir advertised in any 1985 holiday brochures in the UK. It was around this time that the funny commercial on the Germans taking all the sunbeds came on TV! It really was (and still is) true! They take it in turns to get up at 6am and put towels on all the sunbeds!

This German epoch continued until 1995 when the Scandinavian operators started to outbid the Germans. Waiters in the Talborjt restaurants suddenly surprised us all with their smatterings of Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian language capabilities!

Since 2005, the market has moved more towards French (and also Russian) tourism. At first, French tourists were coming down from their riad homes in Marrakesh and discovered the pleasant beach and climate of Agadir. French and Russian tourists now compose the tourist majority of  what was traditionally the "low season" (May through June) and thus tourism really is year-round in Agadir.

Of course, July and August are the two busy months for Moroccan national tourism. More than 2 million Moroccans come down from Europe during these 2 summer months. It is reckoned that 800,000 vehicles cross from Spain to Tangier and Ceuta during this time.

Peak season in Agadir runs from October to April and during this time there are many tourists, as well as campervans and caravans that arrive from Scandinavia and Europe.

Everybody will eventually get to see Agadir - and of course everybody is welcome! The nationality of the tourists may change by epoch, but Agadir is still much loved by everyone!

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