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DIY Trip from Agadir to Taroudant

Tour operators ask a lot of money to do this trip in a group - but it is very easy to plan for yourself - and at minimal cost. Please note that it will not be practical to make this trip if you are on daytime shore leave from a cruise ship. (The ship sometimes arrives in Agadir around two hours later than announced, so there is not enough time during the day to make the trip worthwhile.) For shore leave visitors, we recommend staying in Agadir and visiting the Souk, the Valley of the Birds and the beach area (Corniche.)

Watch a little movie from February 2001 of musicians on the Place Assarag in Taroudant. Click on "play" button to watch the video.

Watch another short video in the Souk of Taroudant from June 2012

Day Trip from Agadir to Taroudant

Easy to do on your own as a day trip. Here's how....


Leave Agadir around 8am (or earlier) to maximise your day
Take a petit taxi to Batwar. Say "Salam al Akum" to the driver and if he doesn't reach down straight away for the meter, ask him to put the meter on. If he refuses and quotes you an exorbitant fare, you can either pay it or get out and try another taxi. Welcome to Morocco!

At Batwar, go over to the last beige taxi area, and pick a white mini bus. These buses are new and came into operation in 2015. Drivers may try to get you to take a Mercedes Grand Taxi which takes six people, but I advise to resist this attempt. (Tip: The mini buses are far more comfortable than the grand taxis, have more leg space, travel faster and it's easier to take photos along the way through the cleaner windows.)
As at November 2016, the mini-bus Fare costs 34 dirhams per person and the journey takes 1 hour and 15 minutes

Tip: Remember to look out for goats in Argan trees en route
watch youtube video of goats in trees

You will arrive in Taroudant at Bab Zorgane
(Please feel free to copy the above map to your mobile phone)

Maybe take a caleche (horse and carriage) for a tour around the city walls - negotiate the price! (and he may cheekily ask you for money for food for his horse when you leave) If you are an eco-warrior, ask him to avoid the tanneries - they have rare dead animals in there. A one hour caleche fare should be around 50 dirhams. When there were a lot of tourists in Taroudant, they used to charge 100 dirhams, but things have now changed and there are not many tourists staying in Taroudant. Be sure to negotiate the price before boarding the caleche, and make sure the fare is for the caleche - not per person. (Tip: You might like to ask the driver to drop you off at Place Assarag at the end of the trip.)

Great Coffee and Tea

In the Place AlAlouiyine (ex Assarag) (marked café on map) there is a little café in the top right hand corner of the square that sells great "nuss nuss" coffee and mint tea.

Tip: There is a small cabin type kitchen next door that sells Tajines for 15 dirhams
(okay, maybe the price has gone up to 20! - let us know, please)

There is also another good café just before the Hotel Taroudant which has nice outdoor tables. (It's the Café just before the newspaper shop - the one further along is more expensive.)

Dealing with Hassle

Be aware that just about anywhere you sit down in public in Taroudant, you will be (usually, politely) hassled by tourist-touts who want to show you around or sell you things. Just politely say "Non, merci" and they should withdraw. If they do not and should it become tiresome, just say "Laissez moi, s'il vous plait." (Leave me alone, please.) If they do not, draw the attention of a waiter and he will make them go away. End of hassle.

Simple Beef Tagine for lunch - 15 dirhams
Walk into the Marché Municipal, take the second turn on the left, walk down to the end and the last cabin on the left hand side has a guy cooking tajines. He will also give you bread and bring you a pot of mint tea to wash it down, if you ask him. Very good!
Lunch at the Hotel Taroudant
Restaurant is now closed (since early 2016)
We will update this info if things change

Have lunch (12-2pm) at the Hotel Taroudant (marked "Hotel" near centre of map) They have the best steaks in Morocco - around 90 dirhams for a four course meal, which includes a huge separate salad,

a cheese plate and an apple tart - and they have a bar if you fancy a glass (or bottle) of wine or a beer with your meal. We've eaten here many times over the years, it's great!

Why not plan to stay here overnight? Maybe book a room in advance (you can always leave your main baggage at the hotel reception in Agadir - and sometimes even to leave it overnight in your room at no charge for the room, if you are staying  for a while and the hotel is quiet - just ask.)

Best place to stay in 2017 - Dar Fatima (
Tasoukt Tighzifn, 83000 Taroudant, Tel: +212 5285 50309
A lovely traditional guest house near the centre of the medina. We stayed there in March 2017 and paid 333 dirhams a night for two people in a double room with en suite bathroom, free wifi and a great breakfast. Read our review and photos here.

Hotel Taroudant
Place AlAlouiyine (ex Assarag)
Taroudant 83.000
Phone: 0528 852-416 (International: +212-528-852-416)

The hotel is very comfortable and has balcony rooms that are arranged around a lovely garden
All rooms have en-suite bath or shower rooms (ask to see two or three rooms)
As at March 2017, Rooms cost 200 dirhams per night for a twin or double room - but no breakfast
Tip: Ask for the room directly above the reception (point upwards to it) - or one of the two rooms next to it
Another tip: They may try to offer you room 7 or similar, on the other side of the hotel. These rooms are dark, somewhat colder, small and of weird shapes. Best to stick with asking for the rooms as mentioned above.


The Daily Souk

Visit the daily souk (marked as "Marché" on map - just before arriving at Place AlAlouiyine.)

Shopping in the Daily Souk (Marché on the map)

Down at the bottom end of the market, there are several shops that sell inexpensive Tajine casserole pots, also ceramics and basket wares. I have bought several 10-12 inch diameter Tajine pots for 30 dirhams each. Should be no more than 40 dirhams, these days. A large basket with a lid cover, like the one in the photo, below, should cost no more than around 80 dirhams.

Shopping in the Souk Joutia

This a great place to buy saffron, babouches and Berber and Tuareg artifacts

Saffron is the stem of a crocus flower and comes from Telouine
Tip: Don't pay more than 30 or 40 dirhams a gramme
and be sure to choose the real thing - there are many inferior blends!
Read Wiki Article on Saffron

Babouches are a speciality in Taroudant
Tip: Look for the red ethnic ones with the Michelin tyre soles
Excellent shop to buy hand made babouches and shoes

Boutique Freres (Redwan is the owner)
No. 196 Souk Al Khadara

For silver jewelry, bric-a-bric and many interesting things

We recommend a visit to the shop of our friend, Abdelmajid Univere d'Antiquité
Opposite the Babouche shop (above) at No. 58 Souk Al Khadara

Antiques - Berber and Tuareg

This is Licher (right,) who is Morocco's top expert on Berber and Tuareg artifacts. (Seriously, this man is THE top expert in Morocco. He sells mostly export, to Belgium) I had always wanted to buy an amber necklace, but was wary of buying fake amber In 2004. Licher sold me a bag of quality real amber and I made this necklace - all by myself! The following year, the price of amber doubled, so I was very happy I bought it when I did!

My home-made amber necklace
The blue and yellow silver centerpiece is called a "Croix du Sud" (Southern Cross) and is a jewelry speciality of Taroudant.

Return to Bab Zograne around 5pm for the return journey to Agadir. Easy.

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