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Security in Morocco

"Morocco 2017 OSAC Crime and Safety Report"
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Agadir is a relatively safe coastal city in the south-west of Morocco. Many thousands of (mainly) European expatriates live here all year round and come here to retire and to enjoy the warm climate, Moroccan hospitality and low prices. Violent crime is practically unknown here in Agadir - much of it is in the northern cities, but it's best to take a few common sense precautions during your visit.

Please don't feel that the information on this page is exaggerated. We have attempted to give a true picture of safety and security in Agadir. If we were to write a similar scenario on a European city destination, then it would most likely fill many pages of info.

Don't Be Intimidated by Anyone for Any Reason

Stand your ground. Everybody else does. This is the number one rule. Follow it and you will have a great holiday
Ignore it and you may be unhappy. Welcome to Africa, please remember that you are in a Moslem country in North Africa

Some Tips for your Trip

If you wish to enhance your encounters with Moroccan people, always say "Salam alAkum" every time you speak with a Moroccan person: in the hotel, restaurants, cafés, shops, getting into the taxi - wherever. If you do this, you will find that you will get to know the Moroccan people much faster (and you will also pay much less for your purchases, cab fares etc)

Try to learn a few basic expressions in Moroccan Arabic before leaving home. If you do this you will find that this will greatly enhance the enjoyment of your trip. Moroccan Arabic (Darijah Maghrebia) is a dialect of Middle Eastern Arabic.

Here are some links to learn some basic expressions:

Speak Moroccan Arabic - Phrases
Speak Moroccan Arabic - Some Basic Phrases
Feeling adventurous? :-)

Taxis and Purchases

Make sure that the taxi driver puts the meter on when you get into a small taxi. Fares cost 50% more after 8pm - from the time you get into the taxi (not when you get out.) As at October 2017, the minimum cab fare is 6 dirhams, even if the meter reads less

Never discuss a purchase in Euros or UK Pounds - only ever discuss prices in Moroccan dirhams. If you discuss prices in other currencies, you may end up paying double, or more

Personal Security Advice

Please be aware that theft of mobile phones is on the increase in Agadir. Don't use your mobile phone while walking down the street - if you do, someone may grab it from your hand.

Always leave your passport, cards, extra cash and travel documents in locked luggage in your hotel room.

If you use an internet café always remember to completely log-out of all accounts before leaving.
Don't throw paper with passwords or banking details written on them into any waste basket - not anywhere - not even in your hotel room or into your home waste basket. Just like everywhere on the planet, there are people who make a point of going through public waste bins to find anything that may be of value.
Tip: Tear the paper into four of five sets of arranged pieces and dispose of each set at several different waste bins.

Do not disclose the name of your hotel to anybody you have just met, even if they say that they work in your hotel (when they most likely don't.) We don't ask people for their home address and we don't expect people to ask us for ours.

If you are alone, always take a petit taxi if you are going out at night, it's not worth the risk of walking around alone.

Security of Your Stuff

Best not to leave anything on an outdoor table of a café - someone may run by and grab your stuff. (This happened to me in Tetouan.)

Best not to leave unlocked valuables in your hotel room - there have been new reports of thefts from hotel rooms.
All valuables, including jewellery, can be stored in the hotel reception safe. Wait for them to open the safe and add your items and lock the safe then ask for a receipt.
Maybe also ask to make sure that someone with the key to the safe will be at reception to return your valuables to you on the morning of departure.

Lonely Planet: Keeping your belongings safe in Morocco

Don't Buy Alcohol on Behalf of Anyone Who Asks

If any person asks you to buy alcohol on their behalf - STRONGLY REFUSE. If the person thinks you're not sure about it, they may keep on asking you, even follow you around and continue to pester you. If any adverse event arises after your buying alcohol for someone you could get into trouble. People are able buy alcohol for themselves in Morocco and the only reasons why someone would ask you to buy alcohol for them is because they have been banned from the store or bar - or even, cheekily... that they expect you to pay for it.

Security when using an ATM machine
Change money only at official banks and money changers

Best not to use street ATM machines after dark. There is a 24hr ATM machine inside of the Hotel Sud Bahia. If it is not working then politely ask if you can change money at the Reception. If you are with a friend when using any ATM machine, get them to stand behind you to keep people away. Don't reply to anyone who talks to you when using an ATM machine - people who do this may be trying to distract your attention away from your card and money withdrawal. Cover one hand over the key pad when typing in your PIN code.

Security: On the Beach

Down on the Corniche in Agadir

For women, the beach is surely the only place to wear bikinis and low cut tops. Please remember that Morocco is a Moslem country yet very welcoming to overseas visitors.

It is strongly advised that skimpy clothes are not worn away from the beach. Women especially may get all kinds of hassle if they are "under-dressed" away from the beach.

Don't put anything down next to you on the beach
or it could be stolen
. This is a very common beach problem - and not only in Morocco - shoes, bags - anything that is not in your direct sight stands a real possibility of being stolen. It happens all the time, and in many countries.

Much of the advice above could probably be found in many guide books.

Take a few simple precautions AND ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY...
If for any reason you may need Consular assistance in Agadir

(Tip: Write down any contact details that may be relevant to your own nationality and keep the slip of paper in your passport. Maybe also add them to your phone or laptop address book)

  British Consul in Agadir

British Consulate, Agadir
The English Pub
Boulevard 20 Aout

Consular Opening Hours:
09h00-13h00 Monday - Friday (without appointment)
15h00-16h00 Monday - Thursday (by appointment only)

Tel:+ 212 (0) 528 84 12 19
Fax: + 212 (0) 528 84 12 57


Changes to the visa service in Morocco

Consulate of Republic of Ireland

Hotel Kenzi Europa,

Boulevard du 20 Aoút
BP 808
80,000 Agadir

Phone: +212-52-882-1212

Konsulat von Deutschland in Agadir

Konsulat von Deutschland in Agadir

6, Rue de Madrid, Sec. Résidentiel
80,000 Agadir

Phone: (+212 528) 84 10 25

Consulat général de France à Agadir

Consulat général de France à Agadir
Boulevard Mohamed Cheik Saadi
BP 267

Telephone (+212) 528.29.91.50

Consulat honoraire de Belgique à Agadir
Het Consulaat van België in Agadir

c/o Cabinet d'Architectes Brakez & Delahaye
Immeuble Borj Dlalate, Entrée F, 4th floor
Angle Avenue Hassan II et Avenue Abderrahim Bouabib
80,000 Agadir

Tel: (+212) (528) 84.74.30
local: 0528.84.74.30

Heures d'ouverture: 08.30-12.00

Consulado de España en Agadir

Consulado de España en
49, rue Ibn Batouta,
Secteur Mixte B.P. 3179

Tel: (+212) 528 84 56 81
(+212) 528 84 57 10

Honorary Consulate of Italy in Agadir

Honorary Consulate of Italy in Agadir
Uff. 20 (III Piano)
Oumlil Building
80,00 Agadir

Phone local: 0528.847.139
International: +212.528.847.139

Page updated May 8, 2018


French Expatriates: “Morocco is our Paradise”

"Morocco ranks world’s third friendliest country for tourists: report"
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