This page is dedicated to the people of Morocco; the people who died, who suffered and who remember

Remembering the 1960 Agadir Earthquake

"The 1960 Agadir earthquake occurred on Monday, February 29 at 23:40 Western European Time (UTC+00:00). Despite its moderate moment magnitude of 5.7, its maximum perceived intensity was X - XI (Devastating to Extreme) on the Mercalli intensity scale. Around 12,000 people (about a third of the city's population of the time) were killed and another 12,000 injured with at least 35,000 people left homeless, making it the most destructive and deadliest earthquake in Moroccan history. The earthquake's shallow focus, close proximity to the port city of Agadir, and unsatisfactory construction methods were all reasons declared by earthquake engineers and seismologists as to why it was so destructive."

BBC: "Two days after the earthquake the Moroccan authorities ordered the total evacuation of Agadir in a bid to avoid the spread of disease. Offers of financial, medical and military assistance flooded in from around the world in the days following the disaster. A week after the earthquake King Mohammed of Morocco visited the site with members of his family. He pledged that the town would be rebuilt by 1961. People, including several children, continued to be pulled alive from under the rubble for up to 12 days following the disaster. The final death toll was 12,000. The earthquake was the worst to ever hit Morocco. Modern-day Agadir was rebuilt a mile (2kms) south of the earthquake epicentre and is now a seaport and seaside resort with a large sandy beach."

"Once... Agadir" a film by Jacques Bensimon
Tribute Evening in Honour of Jacques Bensimon


Agadir Earthquake photo gallery by Yannick Beunard

Main site: "Agadir en 1960 et le tremblement de terre du 29 février 1960" (in French)

Wiki: 1960 Agadir earthquake (English) (French) (German)

"Tremblement de terre d’Agadir. Histoire d’un sauvetage royal"

BBC: 29 February: On This Day: "1960: Thousands dead in Moroccan earthquake"

March 1, 2010: "Vor 50 Jahren - Das Erdbeben von Agadir"

March 9, 1960: Der Spiegel: "Seismograph zerbrach"

Scholarly article: "Behaviour of Modern Buildings During the Earthquake" (pdf)

Scholarly article "Reconstruction Work Six Years After the Earthquake of February 1960" (pdf)

Geophysical Research "Spectrum analysis of T-phases from the Agadir earthquake, February 29, 1960, 23h 40m 12s GCT, 30°N, 9°W (USCGS)" (Abstract)

Medical: "Post-traumatic stress disorder in survivors of the Agadir earthquake (Morocco) in 1960"


Earthquake Museum : Located in the southwest corner of Jardim de Olhão in Talborjt is a small museum dedicated to the 1960 earthquake, with some interesting photos of old Agadir.

"Bernd Laube is a German Professor of Mathematics and Science, a Moroccan enthusiast who has visited this country more than 35 times, and the author of the only book (still unpublished) on the 1960 earthquake. Information was so hard to get that it had taken Bernd nine years to assemble the story of the Agadir catastrophe. He had clearly not been deterred by the lack of an official Moroccan record of the event."Link

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