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Welcome to our Local Trades Page

Here are some Talborjt local contacts that may be of help to visitors and residents
All of these trades people are known to us and we freely recommend them
We receive no fee or commission for these recommendations - we just want to help
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Local Car Hire

Located in the street behind the 1001 restaurant in Talborjt

Electrician in Talborjt

Said is a qualified electrician who used to work for the National Grid and decided to start up his own electrician's business. Said has many projects under his belt, including installing all of the power utilities in the restaurant Chez Pascal (in the street behind the Talborjt square) and several expatriates homes. Said is a very friendly man, speaks fluent French and charges fair prices for his work. Highly recommended.

Plumber in Talborjt
Tel: 0677-396-326
A very reliable plumber in Talborjt is called Mohamed and he has his plumbing workshop in the street behind the Talborjt square, (Rue Sidi Abdullah Oul Haj; on the right hand side of the street, if approaching from the bottom end of the street, next door to a haberdashery store, opposite the newsagents.) Mohamed speaks fluent French, has three assistants working with him and he always personally oversees the job at hand. Highly recommended.

Windows, Doors, Showers & All Installation

Larbi is the owner and personally does the work with his helper
We had a conservatory created on our open terrace - it's great!
(and they ordered glass, made the frames and installed - all within 7 days!)

Window Grilles

Everyone needs window grilles. To not have them is a risk to your home and possessions.
Call Abdelah on 0651-832695 - he made and fitted the grilles in this photo within 3 days of ordering

More coming soon...

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