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Residents' Issues

Q: I want to get a Resident's Card to live in Morocco. How do I go about this, please?

A: The requirements differ somewhat slightly in different areas of Morocco. Below I will mention the common requirements of all areas, then the specific requirements of Tangier and Agadir - which are the two that I can accurately describe, by my experience with both offices. Continue reading here

Marriage and Visa Related

Q: I'm getting married to a Moroccan national and want us to move to the UK. How best to proceed with this?

A: Be aware that unless you have been married for some time, they may view your marriage as one of convenience for visa purposes and refuse your application. "Morocco: Requirements for a Spousal Visa to move to the UK."

Q: I have a friend who gets a 3 month tourist visa extension at the local Commissariat Office in Agadir as soon as he arrives in Morocco. Why can't I get one in Tangier?

A: Agadir is far to leave the country by land and probably the majority of people who want tourist visa extensions are camper van owners. It would be a massive expense and inconvenience for them to drive to Tangier, leave the country then come back again, so the local Agadir Commissariat makes an exceptional provision for people to extend their tourist visas for an extra three months. Word has it that you must prove assets into a Moroccan bank account and that you must apply within 10 days of arrival in Morocco. Let us know if you can expound further on this answer. Thank you.

Q: I married a Moroccan guy and we moved to the UK. He's left me and I now realise that mine was a scam marriage. What can I do?

"What to Do If You Find Out Your Moroccan Marriage is a Sham Marriage"

Entertainment Related

Q: I have friends coming to Agadir and they want to attend some evenings of Belly Dance, a Fantasia and Berber Dancing. Where are the best places to experience such activities?

A: Here in Agadir, one can visit and enjoy the facilities of most of the 5 star hotels as a non-client, without any problems, but they all have a basic dress code of no wearing of shorts or flip flops, must have a jacket etc. for evening times. Continue reading here

Money Related

Q: I have just become an official resident of Morocco. What regulations/restrictions are there with regards to my bringing in and taking foreign currency out of Morocco?

Continue reading here

Property Rental

Q: I want to rent an unfurnished apartment in Agadir and live here forever. How do I go about this?

A: Depends on where: location, location, location, as always. Should not be more than around 3000 dirhams anywhere for a one bed, or no more than 4500 to 5500 dirhams for a 2 bed apartment or house. We're talking unfurnished prices here. Start here then continue reading here

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