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September 18, 2017: from UK: "Firstly I would like to say how valuable I have found your site.  I have been traveling to Agadir since 2013 and always use your site as a guide.... However this time I am coming with 7 people and need a driver with a mini bus. I would be grateful if you could help me arrange this. I have asked my friend at the market who is not able to arrange a driver until I land and would prefer to arrange before I come. Any help would be appreciated."

Reply: Always Abdullah. We have been using his services for around four years. We only use this driver as he is so good - reliable and friendly are the two important words that come to mind. Abdullah upgraded his Mercedes grand taxi to a mini-bus around three years ago - it holds six or seven people. He speaks several languages, including French and English. As long as we speak slowly and clearly he will understand everything we say. He operates a chauffeur driven service.

His number is (+212) 661-615-166
In Morocco - 06616-15166

I hope that you found my reply to be useful, thank you.

September 9, 2017: from Poland: "I found your website very helpful. My and my family are flying to Rabat. We are looking for overnight bus to agadir. How to buy tickets on that bus? I understand that's the earliest train is 5:45. How much will be grand taxi (2adults plus 3 childrens)."

Reply: Hope that you found my reply to be useful, thank you.

June 22, 2017: from UK: "I came across your website when browsing for info on Agadir and found it excellent. We are heading over from the UK in September and would like to do more than stay in the hotel complex for the time we are in Morocco. The info you have on visiting Marrakech is very useful however do you have any recommendations for any hotels that I could book for a special occasion? Thank you in advance."

Reply: Hope that you found my reply to be useful, thank you.

June 16, 2017: from USA:" I have enjoyed your site which gives excellent and concise info. I am in Florida and plan on visiting Agadir soon, may be in the fall (after the high season), and I have a few questions I would like to have more info about..."

Reply: Glad to have been of help. Please call us when you arrive and we can all meet up.

April 11, 2017: from USA: "Just wanted to say thanks for putting together such a great website. We visit Talborjt every time we come, and always make sure we eat in 1001 nights at least once during our stay.

Reply: Thank you for your very kind comments. Unfortunately, the 1001 closed down on February 23, 2017. The site is being demolished and rebuilt and is expected to reopen in 2 to 3 years from now.

January 15, 2017: from UK: "I seen your very informative website 'friends of Talborjt', thank you. I am just wondering if you know of an good hammam in the area or in city centre?"

Reply: Yes, indeed; map here

January 30, 2016: from Belgium: "As I was reading your site I wondered if you could tell me where bab hamsa - gate 5 - of the market in Agadir is situated ? Could you please give me the name of two streets in this neighbourhood, so that I can search this on the map ?

Our reply: Yes, indeed; article on The Souk and map here

November 14, 2015: from UK: "I think your website is fantastic. A lot of time seems to have gone into producing the content and I appreciate your time in doing this."

Our reply: Thank you for your kind message and we are very happy that you enjoy our web site. It's always nice to have feedback from people who enjoy their visit.

October 22, 2015: from Germany: "Hey there, I just wanted to say that Iím loving the blog. I actually came across your collection of articles on morocco. As always, great stuff!"

February 11, 2015: from UK: "Dxxxx and I recently returned from a winter cruise to Portugal and Spain that also took in Agadir.  In researching the cruise we came across JL and David's web-site and we had the good fortune to meet up with them for the best part of a day during which they showed us their lovely home in Agadir and took us around the high spots; particularly the amazing Souk, where they seemed to know everyone, and the charming Valley of the Birds, and the sweeping Corniche.  We had a great time with them and came away with good feelings towards Morocco and a desire to explore further if we get the chance again."

December 2014: from UK: "
I just wanted to say how useful your website has been to me!! I visit Morocco regularly and to be honest, I never fancied visiting Agadir - thought it would be too "European" and more like mainland Spain!!  However, I changed my mind after my visit in November and would happily recommend it to friends for a first-time visit to Morocco (in the winter months especially!)  as it's not as much "in-yer-face" as Marrakech!!!!"

November 3, 2014: from Ireland: "I am a frequent viewer of your website, and I think it only polite to tell you how very interesting and informative I (along with myriad others I expect)  have found it to be, and to congratulate you."

25, 2014: from Ireland: "I was delighted to stumble across your website which I consider serves first time visitors to Agadir. Your website gives me much needed information without the commercial spiel. I will refer to it regularly."

December 27, 2013: from Ireland: "I came across your site while looking for info on the web. A very good site, well done, useful, needed and please keep it up."

December 6, 2013: from UK: "Only just stumbled upon your website! Your website is very readable and informative."

September 27, 2013: from UK: "I've really enjoyed reading your website which I discovered by chance.   It's most helpful and brings back so many good memories."

October 9, 2012: from UK: "My partner and I will be visiting Agadir in 3 weeks time insh'Allah and I wondered if you still meet in 1001 Nuits on Friday before visiting the souk. I spent a couple of weeks at Hotel de la Baie and when I returned in 2009, the hotel seemed to be unchanged with even the same pictures on the wall except that Mohammed VI had replaced his father, Hassan II."

October 7, 2012: from UK: "It is wonderful to see someone enjoying and living in one of my favourite places.  Talborjt has many happy memories for me, It is the one place that i actually felt comfortable with myself, and when life gets rough here i just transfer my mind right back to the square and hotel sindibad. Many regards to you and enjoy your little bit of heaven on earth."

June 23, 2012: from UK: "Further to reading your website I would be pleased if you could give some advcie.  I visited Agadir a few times in the past, but my knowledge does not extend to asdvising some friends who enquired if a traditional night is held within Agadir, without necessitating them to travel to Fantasia on the city's outskirts...." "Thank you for your very prompt and informed reply.  Also, thank you for the offer to write again.  I'd be happy to keep that offer open.  I enjoyed reading your web site, and often dip into it for a browse.  Whilst there is nothing like being there - It appeases my 'homesickness' a little."

March 2, 2010: from Poland: "Hello! I'd like to thank you for all very useful information about Agadir I found on your website."

November 22, 2009: from Austria: "I read with interest your website details on the Hotel Tamri and the Hotel de la Baie but despite Googling them. I could not find any website or email address for either."

Our reply: Most budget hotels don't have web sites as they are primarily (but not exclusively) used by local people. Check out our budget hotels page here.

Update: The Hotel de la Baie is now closed (since April 3, 2016.) Details on above link.

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